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Important Info! | sandypep

Important Info!
sandra - Kobieta Europejczyk
Welcome to my mobile site at peperonity!

To all hotmail users: We can't send mails to you anymore, hotmail obviously put us on their spam list... That means you can't even receive passwords if you order them, if you have still access to your account using a hotmail address, it would be the best to change that to another provider.

New Users find help at:,,,,

A lot of users wonder why they don't get an answer when they send messages to the moderation team - mostly because they didn't add a valid mail address for their accounts! Please enter valid mail addresses! This would also solve a lot of "forgotten password problems".

If you once changed to the mobile version of peperonity and want to change back, please clear your cookies.

If you want to download a peperonity bookmark app, please visit to download it.

Please note:


Some users obviously pretend to be the peperonity Team
WE WILL NEVER REQUEST YOU TO LOG IN to any peperonity pages.

I'm a team member of peperonity and I want to improve this community.

It is my aim to make your time on peperonity more special.
I want to collect all ideas for improving our community. For this I need your help.

It isn't possible for our team to realize everything, but we try hard to do a lot asap.

So, please give me the chance to show you our interest in your wishes.

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